storytelling through sound



Music composition, arranging and production for TV, documentaries, film, songs, radio, podcasts, video games, animation.


Studio musician on violin, viola, acoustic/electric guitar, piano, keyboard, synthesizers. Recording for both in-person and remote sessions are possible. Accompanying for one-off live performances with an existing act or solo performances can be arranged.

Voice actor for animated features, TV, video games, series animation, industrial/educational, radio, audiobooks.   

sound brandinG

Creating and triggering emotions in association with a brand experience is an incredibly powerful tool. Use the emotional power of music to paint a clear picture of your values, capture your unique identity and bring purpose to your content. 


Music composition, arranging and production for interactive media, sound installations, or projects for artistic or academic use.

Songwriting/ghostwriting services can be arranged.



“During the period of 2013-2017, Nathaniel Wolkstein performed frequently as a co-concertmaster of the New World Symphony based in Miami, Florida. In that role, Nathaniel demonstrated his outstanding musicality and expertise performing in many musical styles in a variety of concert settings. In addition to an orchestral violinist, he performed as a soloist and chamber musician in musical repertoire both classical and popular spanning the past four centuries.   

Over the years, Nathaniel shared with me some of his original compositions and recordings. I found those pieces to be moving, inventive and consistently exhibiting a talented musical sensitivity.   One of his outstanding compositions was a duet for violin and cello for a film that was selected to be shown at the 2018 Cannes Film Festival.

Due to his leadership and innate musicality, I selected him to be concertmaster for a program of my own symphonic compositions. I also chose Nathaniel to be a featured violin soloist for a significant fundraising annual major donor New World Symphony concert. I strongly recommend him as a violinist and musician, as well as being a thoughtful, insightful and creative individual. Nathaniel has my highest recommendation."

-Michael Tilson Thomas

Music Director of the San Francisco Symphony Orchestra

Conductor Laureate of the London Symphony Orchestra

Founder and Artistic Director of the New World Symphony


"An outstanding musician of great sensitivity and accomplishment, Nathaniel performs as an orchestral violinist, chamber musician, and soloist in repertoire of every era. In all of these roles Nathaniel has been thoroughly excellent, bringing forth a great spontaneity, energy and consistently high level of performance. He is also a superb colleague, very cooperative and a leader in creating new musical opportunities." 

-Howard Herring

President of the New World Symphony


“Working with Nathaniel is effective, efficient and a pleasure. I do believe he was the right person for a project whose scope he understood since day one, and I do not say that lightly. We really appreciate Nathaniel’s innate talent as a musician, and his patience and proactive attitude during a time our team was being pulled in many different directions. Furthermore, he was able to assist with other projects, and was always on point. He has a passion for bringing his music to informal educations settings. I would highly recommend my peers to work with him.”

-Jorge Perez-Gallegos

Curator of Astronomy & Developer of Exhibitions at Miami's Frost Museum of Science


"Working with a classical background as a composer in LA, I’ve worked with many session musicians. Nathaniel is, by far, the best violinist and violist that I’ve come across, either in person or online. His ability to interpret the musical intention of a given passage is incredibly acute, and his attention to detail in crafting each and every musical phrase immediately comes across to any discerning listener. Realize that when you’re hiring this guy, you’re hiring a professional classical violinist/violist who has played under some of the best classical music conductors alive, and he’s done it for years! You’d be insane not to hire this phenomenal musician."

-Ed McCormack

Feature Film Composer/Arranger